Real Estate, Home Loans, Tax Accounting, Credit Restoration & Small Business Services. Tax Return E-file is Still Available Even if you didn’t file an Extension. (Click Here) File from your Smart Phone!  Send us your Docs from your Smartphone and Save Time!  Mimimize your wait or avoid a trip to the office entirely. Safe & Secure. Click to learn more! Will CTS offer Advance Refund Loans of Any Kind?   Illinois residents are banned from applying for refund lending products these by state statute.  Some tax companies may offer high interest and high fee line of credit loan checks and card products but these are not based on your expected refund but instead use your personal credit score and requires credit and income verification just like a mastercard, store card or personal loan.  We do not offer loans other than home mortgage loans for Purchase or Refinance. Unbeatable Home Mortgage Loans Continue   2016 was another great year for home purchases and refiancing. Our customers enjoyed closed in the 3%’s and paid No Points, No Junk Fees, No Application Fees and No Lender Fees- some didn’t even pay for an Appraisal so all the money the gave went to the property and not to fees, taxes, etc. We make the deal even sweeter by filing their next tax returns for Free saving the families even more.  Rates have increased, but remain historically low!   Remember it’s not just the rate you pay but the costs to get into that loan that you have to look at.  We’re Experienced Pros. To get a Refinance or Home Purchase Quote from us Call/Text 850-REFI-PRO We’re in this for the long-haul want to express our sincere gratitude for the blessing, honor and privilege of serving you.  Do yourselves and your friends, famly, and co-workers a favor and don’t pay more than they have to and don’t throw your good money.   Find your next Apartment, Home, condo or apartment using our CTS New Real Estate Website.  It’s Easy and Mobile Friendly.  Just got to www.CTS.RE and let us know what you think.  If you have been using our Classic Mobile App, let us know how that is working as well.  You can grab the Mobile App here: FREE Estate Mobile App. Have a home or apartment for rent?  Let us list your home, screen your tenants and help prepare the lease and required documents.  This service typically costs $1,200 or more but our customers pay as little as $599.  Call/Text for details. TaxTime 2017   News and Reminders:   Bring your 1095-A to file What You’ll Need to Bring EIC Claims Require Proof ITIN require Original Docs File from Smartphone Try our Real Estate App Your Next Home awaits: www.CTS.RE © CTS Financial Services Co 2017   Tel: (773) 282-3200 Est. 1989 f   @MyCTS Send us a Text (773) 282-3200 Federal & IL State E-file Available Office Hours By Appointment Call or Text to schedule yours Some Cricket phone customers have indicated having trouble texting us. You are free to call or text us using Free Apps like Google Voice or TalkaTone.