© CTS Chicago’s Tax Service, LLC  2018   Applying for an I.T.I.N.?  Be prepared to submit original docs Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, must include original documentation such as passports, consular cards, and birth certificates, or certified copies of these documents by the issuing agency. Notarized copies of documentation are no longer accepted.  ITINs are generally available to individuals who do not qualify for a U.S. Social Security Number and allows the individual to file or be listed as a spouse or depended on a U.S. Tax Return.  Some financial insitutions allow loans ot be made to ITIN holders. Citizens of Mexico and Canada are not required to be in the U.S.A. to obtain an ITIN.  Ask for details when you contact us. WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO KNOW BEFORE FILING YOUR 2017 TAX RETURNS Claiming Earned Income Credit? You’ll need to bring certain documents to prove the child’s residency, medical status, student status, date of birth and SS# when you come file. This IRS requirement must be met by ALL taxpayers even our loyal returning clients. There are specific IRS documentation requirements for taxpayers claiming the Earned Income Credit (EIC).  Thge taxpayers claiming children) need to provide residency verification documentation to show that the children actually live with them. The items below are acceptable documentation: School Records or Statement that show the Child's Address (for matching the taxpayers) Letter from Landlord or Property Management Agency Health Care office or Clinic Statement Medical Records bearing the Child’s Address Child Care Provider Records or Statements Placement Agency Statement for placed children Social Service Agency Records or Statement Church or Place of Worship Statement Employer Statement If claiming EIC for an adult (19+ year old) Disabled Child, you’ll also need to prove their disability by one of the following: Doctor statement Health Care Provider Statement Social Services Agency or Program Statement Social Security (SSA) Award Letter for SSI Benefits Self-employed EIC claims which may apply to home-based or cash-based income such as Child Care Providers, Hairdressers, Delivery Personnel, Consultants, Independent Salespersons including Realtors, and Truck Drivers must provide documents verifying the existence of the business and records used to determine business income and expenses.  These may include the following: Business license 1099-MISC forms Records of gross receipts Income summary Expense summary Bank statements (including Prepaid Card Account printouts) Homepage Homepage Office Hours When it comes to Taxes- Don’t take Chances. Let the Pros handle it!