© CTS Chicago’s Tax Service, LLC  2018   ************************************************************************************************** What you'll need to show when you come file your 2017 Income Tax Returns Click here for a Printable Copy These are some common Income and Deduction Documents that might apply to You. Form W-2 for EACH & EVERY Job worked in 2017, Regardless of the amount earned. Form W-2G for EACH & EVERY Lotto, Racing or Casino Winnings received in 2017. Form 1095-A/B or C Medical Coverage for 2017. Many plans put thse online. Public IL Medical Card mails them in January. Market place users go to Healthcare.gov Form 1099-MISC for EACH Company, Employer or Benefits Agency for 2017.  Uber & Lyft Drivers can get this Online and often receive a 1098-K in Addition to the 1099-MISC Online Form 1099-R for EACH 2017 Retirement, 401K, Profit Sharing or Pension WITHDRAWAL or transfer Form 1099-INT for Interest Earned on Checking, CD, Savings or the Account Bonus Promotions Form 1099-G from UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS Agency which MAY include Credit Insurance Accounts Form 1099-C from Collection Agencies or Credit Payment Protection Insurance Provider CLAIMING DEPENDENTS? You'll need proof of Social Security Number (or I.T.I.N.) as well as proof of Address, Student Status if applicable and Medical Coverage and Date of Birth.  IRS Strictly Prohibits the filing of returns without this documentation. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS or call (773) 282-3200 prior to visiting us. Dependent Related Expenses Claiming Students tuition, Student Loan Payments, Child Care, After School Care, Park Leagues or Day Camp?  You will need the 1098-T forms provided for students expenses by the school and loan agencies.  Care providers and park districts will usually provide receipts an letterhead that bears the Tax ID Numbers required to claim the expenses. For more about ITINS, click here or call us at (773) 282-3200.   Using an individual as a child care provider? You will need to check with that provider to make sure you receive their exact Name, Social Security Number OR I.T.I.N.# or Employer ID Number (EIN) and dollar amount received in order to claim this on your return.   CLOSED ON A HOME PURCHASE OR A MORTGAGE LOAN IN 2017? if you PURCHASED, SOLD or REFINANCED a home in 2017, be sure to bring your CLOSING STATEMENT. You'll also need to bring the 1098-Mortgage Interest Statement from your bank or mortgage company and also, many times, the broker company will also issue one. You will also need your CD or Closing Disclosure for Each and mortgage closed in 2017 and Property Tax Bills.   Rental Property Owners must ALSO bring a LIST of Utilities Paid (water, heat, etc.) and Repairs and Improvements. You should try to separate these by unit and be sure to ADD up your receipts.  You do not have to bring them in, but you will need to provide the totals and tell us what they were for you (i.e., Bathroom replaced Floor, Basement Ceiling, Garage Door, etc.).  You will also need to tell us the MONTH of purchase for certain big ticket items (Roofs, Appliances, Water Heaters, etc.). Lastly, write down how much RENT (not including rental deposits) you collected during the tax year including any Section 8 or other assistance. It would be a good idea to call us to make sure you've got all needed items. Just call (773) 282-3200 SELF-EMPLOYED / INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS / HOME-BASED BUSINESS If you worked for a company that DID NOT TAKE TAXES, or you worked for yourself in business including Hairdressers, Child Daycare Providers and Pizza Delivery Persons, you'll need to bring your 1099-MISC or the TOTALS received as well as a LIST of related expenses you incurred.  You CANNOT simply give us amounts verbally but you CAN give us a list or worksheet with the figures. You should also list MILES driven as part of the job. You may want to call us at 773-282-3200 before coming in to file these types of returns.   Certain Other Deductions Here are some Other deductions that may apply to you. Bring a list of any you’ve paid with you. Donations to Churches & Charities, even non-cash items such as clothing, furniture, equipment & autos. Work Expenses include Union Dues, Uniform, Dry Clean, Tools, Education & Travel. Medical, Dental and Vision Care expenses may be deductible Gambling Losses may be used to cancel out Gambling Winnings. Investment Expenses such as E-trade monthly fees may be deductible. Safe Deposit Box Fees may also be deductible. Tax Preparation & Software Fees: Yes, our fees may be deductible as well. Uninsured Losses: Yes deductibles on your home, auto or other policy may qualify as well as out of pocket payments you make may be deductible. Unemployed or Underemployed in 2017? Costs for job-seeking expenses may be deductible. Homepage Homepage Office Hours Homepage Office Hours When it comes to Taxes- Don’t take Chances. Let the Pros handle it!